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Q gardens

Find your sanctuary.

AYS Developers proudly presents Q Gardens – an enchanting property in Dubai – bringing to life an upscale lifestyle for the discerning investor looking to find a destination where life and luxury work together in perfect balance.

The property measures at 17,300 sam and boasts some of the most luxurious fixtures, fittings and amenities. Surrounded by green vistas and feng shui arrangements, Q Gardens’ collection of luxury apartments takes opulent living to the next level, making it the ideal place for families to grow and thrive.


To create a destination that is modern, incorporates the highest quality materials and makes the best use of the location. It should also give residents a distinct sense of community via its uniquely designed structure and landscapes, which offer a comfortable ‘resort’ type ambience.


Designed to give residents and visitors the feeling of being ‘one with nature’, Q Gardens has been built in consultation with a leading feng shui expert, thus ensuring that each aspect of the property harmoniously maximises space and comfort.


The property is made up of two harmoniously designed L-shaped buildings that lie side by side, enclosing an enchanting shared garden within. The central garden features native plants and foliage and a tranquil water feature as well. It is the perfect place for residents and visitors to sit and enjoy nature.


Beautifully landscaped footpaths lead to all shared amenities with absolute ease and comfort. Parking is available on the Ground Floor.


The main lobby has been intricately designed to bestow a feeling of luxury and relaxation, akin to resort-style living.

Residents and visitors will be warmly welcomed by the concierge, who will be on duty, 24 hours a day.



Dubai, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, boasts everything from the tallest tower on the planet to the most attractive entertainment and shopping destinations across the globe. Here are some of the many reasons why it is the ideal place for investors.

  • Dubai is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, making it easily accessible to most of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.
  • Dubai has open economic policies, minimal government control and private sector regulation.
  • Dubai offers 0% income tax on rental yields and capital appreciation.
  • Dubai is literally a safe haven as stated in The World Economic Forum’s
  • Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018, which sited the UAE is the second safest place in the world.
  • Financial institutions in Dubai offer investors a variety of easy-to-acquire financing options with interest rates that range from 3% to 5% with repayment terms as long as 25 years.
  • Dubai’s strong regulatory authority RERA, stipulates a strong legal framework, which safeguards the buyer’s interest at all times.